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About UsThe consultancy team specializing in hydrogen sulfide from No Fault Services is already the trusted choice of leading facilities, municipalities and businesses across the US for their H2S related issues.  More information about our work can be found here.

Our solutions include not just consultancy, but also our proprietary technology, as well as on-the-ground maintenance to deal with H2S challenges in a wastewater or sewer environment.  Much of our work is related to hydrogen sulfide in a dissolved state.

We do not provide consultancy or solutions to the oil and gas industry (another industry with hydrogen sulfide-related challenges).

To find out more about how we've already helped leading facilities, municipalities and businesses in their OSHA and environmental compliance, as well as remediated existing H2S issues completely, call and speak with our hydrogen sulfide specialists today.


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H2S consultants, tel: 1-800-313-5234.